As a senior healthcare advisor, I worked for years on policy and legislation related to patient safety and patient engagement. Add to that my recent experience as a cancer patient, and it gives me a 360 degree perspective on the healthcare system – how it functions, where it falls short, how it can be improved, and how patients can be a part of that change.

I hold a Masters from the University of Toronto and am fluently bilingual in English and French. My work on a range of issues from enhancing the technological capacity of the voluntary sector, to education and employment equity for women, to patient safety and engagement, has required the drafting of reports, the writing and evaluation of grant proposals, the development and delivery of grant programs, the facilitation of workshops and meetings, and the coordination of working groups.

Contact me if you’re looking for a thoughtful, articulate, patient perspective on your panel or committee, or if you require strong writing skills to help your organization integrate the patient perspective into healthcare delivery.


Sometimes you need to feel you’re part of a special club (even a miserable, painful, no-way-out club) that privileges its members with a pair of weird lenses on the world, the opportunity to share all the crazy lost and found feelings, and a normalization of the dysfunctional cancer-life. That’s what I offer.

Keynote Speaker - Lymphoma Canada Take it to the Mat November 2018

Keynote Speaker – Lymphoma Patient Education Evening, Odette Cancer Centre, 2018

Presenter, Patient as Teacher videos on symptom management, Odette Cancer Centre, 2017

Keynote speaker - Patient Lymphoma forum, BC Cancer Agency May 2015

Panelist – MagNet - Canada’s Magazine conference June 2013

Panel moderator – Canada’s Magazine conference June 2013

Invite me to do a keynote address at your conference, be part of your panel, speak to an informal group of cancer patients or caregivers.