Everything can change in an instant. About me is a moving target.

Right now I’m a Toronto-based freelance writer with two sons and a proclivity for over-sharing that I like to think of as helpful and literary. When I got diagnosed with lymphoma in 2013, I became a full-time patient and a hyphenated everything else – cancer-mom, cancer-writer. I’ve also spent years as a health policy analyst. Unfortunately, I can now claim a 360 degree view of the health care system.

I’ve been an active member since 2014, and was Vice-Chair of the Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Odette Cancer Centre (OCC), Toronto

PFAC works to include the patient voice and improve the patient experience. Develop a collective vision of patient-centred care. Set benchmarks to measure success. Provide input to policy directions for the OCC and Cancer Care Ontario.

I spend much of my time swimming upstream, and realizing there’s no such thing as catching up.

I've written on parenting and cancer, and parenting with cancer, plus social commentary for the Globe and Mail, New York Times, Toronto Life, Chatelaine, Huffington Post and a couple of anthologies