I don't want to look back on anything in my life with only the words “I survived this” to capture what happened. I want to get out of life’s basement more often, show off way more.

This is my place. This is where I say what I have to offer, show what I’ve done, propose what else I can do. This is the place where I prove to you that I should keep taking up real estate on the internet.

What you need to know is that I’ve written and spoken a bunch of things really, really, well. Lots of actual people have told me that. I’m mostly an exception, rarely a rule. So if you’re looking for exceptional, you’ve arrived.  I make people laugh and cry at the same time. I’m hugely punctual. I know very little about sports.

This is not my blog. That’s the place where I give you my ideas and stories for free. I promise to keep doing that. This is the place where I sell myself (not short).

I can write it, speak it, workshop it, consult on it, sell you my book. Check. Me. Out.